Erkki Koskenniemi

It has always been difficult to me to choose between the pastoral work and academic biblical studies. Since I love both I have tried to combine them in different ways.

I started my studies with Classical studies at University of Turku (mag. phil 1979, liz. phil. 1985). I became mag. theol. 1984, liz. theol. 1988 and doctor 1992 (Åbo Akademi). I am Adjunct Professor at University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland and Åbo Akademi University and during the year 2003 professor of Biblical studies at University of Joensuu.

I have published books (Der philostrateische Apollonios, 1991; Apollonios von Tyana in der neutestamentlichen Exegese. Forschungsbericht und Weiterführung der Diskussion, 1994; The Old Testament Miracle-Workers in Early Judaism, 2005; The Exposure of Infants among Jews and Christians in Antiquity, 2009), edited volumes and articles: see the list here. I am member of the international group Rewritten Bible (Göttingen, Erlangen, Åbo Akademi and several other institutions) publishing the series Studies in Rewritten Bible. Moreover, I am investigating how and how much ancient Jews and Christians knew Greek literature and culture.

Please, contact erkki.koskenniemi [at]

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